A pussy town on the north shore of long island, NY. There just a bunch of nerds nd preppie faggots, they get fucked up by any town they try to fight aganist in huntington township even elwood who has 200 kids in each grade has stomped commack out in a brawl. Commack has been on northports dick for tha last 40 years, all commack kids try to copy northport swag but they just cant pull it off. They think there hot shit cuz they have a good school districit with high taxes but some how they think there hood lmao. They got mad teachers over there rapeing the children, they got a bunch of snobby ass jew girls with big noses nd fuckin anooying accents.
Commack is mad gay last time they went to a northport party, they got shot up wit pellet guns nd smashed threw beer pong tables dont lie abe hwang ur crew got ran threw.
by PortTownRunsThaIslandNiggas January 31, 2010
Commack is probably the worst place to live. Commack contains the biggest group of failures you will ever meet. 90% of people who grew up in Commack are failures or will become failures later on in life.
No matter how much shit we talk about Commack, deep down inside, we all love it here...and you know it.
Commack is gay.
by Shuarma July 31, 2008
Commack is also very L.I.E.
When hanging on the Island Commack rocks.
by Peter March 20, 2005
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