Also known as the stoner channel it was once great channel now its overrun with shitty cartoons (except southpark), naked puppets (crank yankers), high school movies for teenagers, 2 hour Mad TV marathons 2-3 times a day and a whole bunch of other crap thats not funny at all.
With shows like crank yankers, drawn together, hour long mad tv re runs shown one after another and gay teen movies I dont watch comedy central as much as I used to no matter how high I am.
by stewfoo January 13, 2005
An escape from CNN, MSNBC and those really big bitch's on Good Morning America.
Comedy Central is Heaven
by TacoMann July 05, 2009
A basic cable network which purports to show comedy.
I don't know what I'd do without my thirty-seven "Mad TV" repeats a day. Thank you, Comedy Central!
by ... January 15, 2005
Once a channel which had minimal viewers, but then south park came along, and the show kicked so much ass that the channel than kicked ass too. Except for Mad TV, which is a cheap spin-off of SNL, which was only funny every other week on one skit, Mad TV is funny about every 6 months on half of a skit, basically the show is doing to Comedy Central what the Holocaust did to jews
Guy 1: Hey did you see South Park on comedy central which wasn't that great until South Park was added, but still has Mad TV, which is a cheap spin-off of SNL, which was only funny every other week on one skit?
Guy 2: Yes, but did you know in 2007, 48.5% of teens reported not using a condom during sexual intercourse?
Guy 1: No I did not
Guy 1 and 2: The more you know (The background fades to black and a rainbow, stars, and the words "The more you know" appears over their heads)
by Sunshine Bear December 10, 2008
Comedy Central

Someone who tries to be funny all the time but just pisses everyone off.
'I wish John would shut the fuck up, he thinks he's Comedy Central!'
by Mr Orange Hodgkiss May 07, 2009
Used to be the laughing stock of cable, now one of the most influential stations.
With great T.V. shows like Chappelle Show, Tough Crowd, The Daily Show, and South Park (and many many more), Comedy Central is on top.
by LAWL May 01, 2004

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