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gay shit made by assholes that will hopfully go to hell for their greed (if there is a such thing as hell)
Ill see you in hell you greedy bastards!
by stewfoo January 13, 2005
A great show on Cartoon Network.
Superhero static shock whoop whoop!
by stewfoo January 08, 2005
What i am right now its kinda like i dont give a shit about anything wow im not depressed anymore whooo.
I just dont give a shit man.
by stewfoo January 15, 2005
The big giant alein in natural selection it can pwn marines by eating them its pretty much unstopable if you dont have any weapon upgrades.
marine: ohhh nooos its an onos!
*onos eats marine*
marine: onos is digesting me thats so fucking gay takes forever to fucking spawn
marine 2: haha
*marine is finished digesting onos eats marine 2*
marine: haha
by stewfoo January 12, 2005
Comedy central is the stoner channel.
I dont call comedy central the stoner channel anymore most of the shows are cheap crap that you cant get a laugh out of no matter how high you are.
by stewfoo January 13, 2005
Also known as the stoner channel it was once great channel now its overrun with shitty cartoons (except southpark), naked puppets (crank yankers), high school movies for teenagers, 2 hour Mad TV marathons 2-3 times a day and a whole bunch of other crap thats not funny at all.
With shows like crank yankers, drawn together, hour long mad tv re runs shown one after another and gay teen movies I dont watch comedy central as much as I used to no matter how high I am.
by stewfoo January 13, 2005
A very messed up show on adult swim.
Milk Chan trips me out when im high.

Milk Chan makes me think all japanese people are crazy.
by stewfoo January 10, 2005

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