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verb: to toke to point of comatose
yeah, just comatoke it dude, it's the weekend...
by henry buddha October 28, 2011
(noun) Coma Toke is often known as a mix of tobacco and marijuana, usually at a 50-50 ratio, for the purpose of smoking. Although this mix of tobacco and marijuana is said to have a head-rush/euphoric effect for some, it's a good way to completely ruin perfectly good marijuana.

(verb) To Coma Toke is the act of smoking a mix of tobacco and marijuana (aka coma toke), usually at a 50-50 ratio.
Jaime: Rob, do you want to take some coma tokes?

Rob: Sure, I guess I could try it... *cough, cough gag, gag* Oh! That shit sucks!

Jaime: You suck!
by TheLordofHazard April 12, 2010

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