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An explorer who was rumored to be of Greek heritage and Discovered Present Day America in 1492
Columbus has a national holiday for himself
by john Mandalakas October 15, 2006
14 40
The capital and largest city of Ohio and for some reason, is the 16th largest in the U.S. It is a nice place to live but this college town suffers form a low profile and hardly any identity (at least Cleveland has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). Its known for absolutely nothing, except the Buckeyes of Ohio State University, one of the largest universities in the United States.
What the heck is in Columbus?
by goinggoinggone July 06, 2007
43 70
A city in Ohio that is often referred to as the capital of the state, but that's just a lie to get all the black people in one place. First step to the glorious "Final Solution."
Ohioan 1: You ever been to Columbus?
Ohioan 2: Fuck no, I ain't black.
Ohioan 3: Can't wait for the "Final Solution" though.
Ohioan 4: I love Easton.
by Zuluhed5 March 24, 2011
5 34
Out yonder in Georgia.
Columbus aint in no Ohio. Columbus out yonder in Georgia. I know on a count of my cousin stay out yonder. She work at the bank. She a teller.
by Lakeisha Henderson November 09, 2007
42 71
A college town in Ohio that likes to think it has the identity of a real city, where in reality it is a big collection of suburbs surrounding a giant university. While you'll never run out of low to medium end bars, the city substantially lacks anything else to do. Columbus is like a giant bee hive of low rent apartments occupied by government employees and recent OSU grads with shitty jobs. I'm not really sure that a young professional community exists in Columbus.
It's humorous how residents of Columbus always are quoting that they are the largest city in Ohio, when in reality the metro area is much smaller than both the true metropolitan areas in Ohio of Cincinnati and Cleveland.
by wise man 21 March 13, 2010
24 62
Dave Thomas opened his very first Wendy's Old-Fashioned Hamburger Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. The name was his youngest daughter's nickname. She lived down the street from me in Upper Arlington. Upper Arlington has had 94 state championships in all sports. I don't believe any school in Ohio is even close to UA.
"i have no examples"
by dylan knisley February 04, 2005
44 82
1) v. to lose to belen's basketball team 60-48
2) n. a group of mostly white high school boys who speak poor ebonics
3) n. a group of potheads pretending to be getting a quality education
"Damn, our team is losing, hope they can come back and not pull a columbus..."
by a.r. May 03, 2005
90 139