A rap song sang by Afro Man
Yeah me and my dudes are listing to Colt 45.
Goodtimes Brah
by Catheryn March 07, 2008
*A name for a type of alcoholic beverage. The '.' before '45' may actually be absent, but I wouldn't know because I don't drink off my ass and know every name for every alchy out there.
*The nickname for the Colt M1911A1, a semiauto, 7-round, .45ACP handgun.
"You gotta drink plenty of fluids like Colt .45 malt liquor y'see!!"
-Bill Cosby.....no, he didn't really say this; it's something my older brother made up, and is a rip on what Bill Cosby said to a little girl in bed with the flu

"The Colt .45 is my most favorite handgun, or one of my most faves. It's almost one hundred years old and it would be cool to own one. ^_^ other than that it's really a powerful handgun!"
by Dave January 18, 2004
the closest your white ass will ever get to the ghetto
eg. "Im sick of being a middle class white boi"


"bitch please"

gotta love that colt 45
by Tokes McCoke December 24, 2007
D cup or larger breasts
by Anonymous June 05, 2003
An efficient means to getting rid of aggravtions.
Feeling kinda down? Down a Colt 45.

Cat pissing on your car tires? Draw your Colt 45.
by Lars Sandman April 04, 2007
A cheap malt liquor/beer popular in the ghetto. The Faygo of beers.
I wanna get drunk, but I'm short on cash. I'll just get some Colt 45.
by Drunk Tightwad August 14, 2008
A song by Afroman.
A .45 caliber gun
A liquored beer
Dude:Yo man you ever here that song Colt 45?
Dude 2:Yea i love that shit

Dude:Check out my Colt 45!
Dude 2:Nice man

Dude:You ever try a Colt 45?
Dude 2:Yea but it's not for me
by i forgots December 20, 2008

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