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A subset of hippies who are currently enrolled at a college, and usually of liberal/left political thought. These hippies are usually young (around 18-30) and are extremely bane in their quest to prove themselves right beyond all rational thinking. Most CKIA hippies are non-violent, but have been known to abuse women, as seen in the movie Forest Gump. Though it is more likely they merely punish members of their clique who differ from group think.

Common College-Know-It-All-Hippie (CKIAH) beliefs:
God does not exist.
Bush is Satan.
The USA is bent on world conquest.
Capitalism is evil, and a planned economy must be implemented.
Free Speech is okay, as long as you don’t disagree with us.
The Earth will be destroyed by pollution The Day after Tomorrow (TM)

Although they form a collective, each hippie is an individual whose narcissism is beyond all reproach, and their ego knows no bound. Like all hippies, CKIA hippies have a cult like mentality worse than any religion they protest.
The College-Know-It-All-Hippies offered me a recycled Anti-War Phamplet, but I punched him in the face for polluting, and reported him to his collective leader who quickly exe-communicated him after learning that recycling paper requires nasty chemicals, and requires more energy than making new paper.
by David J M February 12, 2006
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