A place where you go to escape the real world, most likely out of fear. Your first 2 years of college is just a dignified boarding school where you take more classes you can take in high school, then you finally decide what you want to do by junior year when you finally got hit in the head a few times and realize that before your 30 that you should get married and have kids. College is not as spectacular as you think it is . You still got the drama, the jocks, the nerds, just like high school. You have homework just like high school and you still have a chance to act in a play or play a sport just like high school. Where else can you get access to a music production studio or play basketball. Very rare is real life. In high school, you can escape drama by going home to your mommy and daddy. Now you are forced to live with this smelly guy who pukes on your sociology textbook and feeds his math homework to his goats.
College is just high school on jolt. Same thing.
by kyle230 April 21, 2010
Costs more than most exotic cars.

Great place to party and meet virgins though.
A: Bro you skipped on a chance to buy a Lamborghini to go to college?

B: But going to college grants me 4 years worth of beer and women!

A: Haha so true!
by fgsdgdfg November 19, 2006
An elaborate gamble in which the student and family spends shit loads of money and bets it all on the student's ability to obtain a degree and land a profitable job thereafter. The majority of college students don't get their money's worth out of it, hence the majority of college students come from middle class or above families.
Yeah, I heard Bob is wagering his life on college. By the time he's done, he'll have a $30,000 dollars debt, and I'll have a $100,000 surplus! HAHAHAHA
by Metameats March 03, 2007
4 or more years of your life that you spend getting high, which are temporary interrupted by classes
i'm currently a college student
by DAT26 March 27, 2007
A place that typically 18 year old high-school graduates go to, with the ages of people attending ranging from 18 to 22. The student levels go from freshman to senior. Colleges are numerous and located all over the world, especially in America and Europe. Some colleges are very large, though, and are known as universities.
College is usually a fun place, and a major lesson in life. However, there are plenty of jackasses and stuck-up bitches who try to ruin the experience. Though not in all cases or with every dormatory resident, drinking, smoking, blaring loud music, prank calls, etc, is frequent. In addition, the average college campus has a generally left-wing liberal atmosphere, and diversity seems to be of upmost importance above all else. Most Republicans, and many Christians, are judged and hated by a great majority of the other students.
I sure do hate all the drinking, drug use, and loud music that isn't even good blaring around midnight, as well as being judged and abused for my right-wing political affiliations, but all in all, I really love college.
by Republican Warrior March 23, 2005
A big party with a ridiculous door charge.

A place you go to learn how to become an arrogant commie fag or a big fucking cum bucket bitch whore!
College is a Satanic playground for elite snobs.
by Oh go to hell. January 23, 2005
a place for partying, drinking, and getting fucked up... and I guess an occasional school lesson here and there.
- don't fall asleep with your shoes on at a party-- you'll get raped
that party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it. I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked. Drink my beer and smoke my weed, but my good friends is all I need. Pass out at 3 wake up at 10 go out to eat and do it again, man I love college! I love drinking! I love women! I love college...
by harry harminburg March 24, 2009

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