The biggest gimmick out there. You pay oodles of money just to listen to some dickhead thump some outdated propaganda from the 1960s that is outdated while the world is falling apart. The propaganda usually involves something like Al Gore and maybe something related to how great the Beatles and Bob Marley are. You are forced to live in some smelly dorm room where you survive on Spam and Eazy Mac, and you have to deal with "diverse people" as in weird people - a lot of them have disabilities and they got a scholarship because of their untreated ADHD. The getting laid and beer pong is a big myth - most of the time in college is spent watching YouTube videos when you really should be research about some philosophical rhetoric of the Russian Revolution or something like that, jacking off too porn when you really want to get laid, and watching your favorite ball game get their ass kicked. You actually have to go to class with granny and your mom - that sucks.
College is a big gimmick. I am taking online and screw the Establishment!
by kyster23 April 07, 2011
The ongoing party. You have the times where everyone loves each other and is in the best mood ever. Further on in the party people start to get bitchy, and angry, and confrentational. Then time passes and everyone is having an awesome time again.
I'm going to college
by Kowwin March 27, 2005
a worthwhile investment that will relieve most people who finish from a job with their name on their shirt. if you aren't making any more money with your degree, it's your own fault. stop bitching.
when i graduated college i became my boss's boss.
by akg8850 December 08, 2003
Where your mom goes.
"I'm trying to raise money for college..."
"Your mom goes to college." -Kip
by snare_chickkk_yeah August 01, 2010
1)the long-awaited and much anticipated escape from the everyday life a high school student who wants to start fresh lives.
2)a topic that must be researched profusely to no end only to find biased/useless information on a school that has no appeal at all.
I can NOT wait until I graduate, so I can go to college. If only I knew where I wanted to go...the only thing I can find on the internet is whether a school is known for having hippies or preps...
by this one girl January 19, 2007
a time when doing crazy things and exceeding social norms is acceptable
"after graduating college, doing the crazy things i did then doesnt seem acceptable anymore"
by holidayinn598 September 21, 2007
A place to pursue higher education and out do all the losers in the world who were stupid enough to drop out of school. And by the way, it's not the education that matters, it's the degree that gets a job paying twice as much as a job you would receive without a degree.
I'm going to college and I'm going to make triple what you will!
by Amandaa May 15, 2005

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