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The most cliche old black people food (besides chitlins)
Old black lady: Come on chile, come git yo collerd greens and chillins.
by Yelsew Foolface May 13, 2005
spinach for collard people
white guy-"what are collard greens any way?"
black guy-"they is like spinach."
white guy-"so why dont you just eat spinach?"
black guy-"..."
by Tyranosuarus Effing Awesome November 19, 2007
Some leaf vegetable shit that black people eat, sometimes has bacon and shit.
Yo Kelsey, I want some collard greens. So delicious and hella nutritious!
by turnip2k14 July 08, 2014
plant similar to cabbage, popular in southern US. served up with cornbread. mentioned in the movie 'Friday'
'you even trying to eat lobster and drink champagne? strictly a collard green corn bread baby, if anybody know, i know'- sample from lil' kim's 'came back for you'
by me old fruity October 06, 2005
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