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Small liberal arts college located in Hamilton, New York. It has NO affiliation with Colgate-Palmolive, it is not a dentistry school. The general concensus on its academics and athletics is "kick-freakin-ass". So many hot girls you'll want to break down and cry, indeed, many incoming freshmen do. Downside-Damn near the most expensive education you can get, and no academic scholarships.
-I heard you go to Colgate University?
-Yeah, it's awesome.
-I didn't know you wanted to be a dentist.
-I hate you, and everything you stand for.
by 2cool4scool July 02, 2006
a company that makes toothpaste and all hygene products.
my dad works at colgate
by mandy November 20, 2003
Type of blow job where the female gives head as if she was brushing her teeth.
"That felt so good. She just gave me a colgate."
by Silent Killa November 27, 2006
Gorgeous school, gorgeous girls, gorgeous amounts of money later in life. It's like Dartmouth's, cooler, little brother. Really is the best school period.
-"I went to Colgate"
-"I bet you drive an Aston Martin"
by livagoodlife December 16, 2012
in the philippines, a slang term for "toothpaste", (etm. fr. the makers of toothpaste itself)
can i buy colgate...the "pepsodent" brand please!
by bauglir May 17, 2004
A male of a colour race who is found to be attractive to women of another race. He usually will have extremely white teeth, hence the term colgate (which is a popular tooth paste brand). This man is usually jacked and in top shape.
Girl 1: oh my look at that colgate !
Girl 2: He is so hot and his teeth are beautiful
by lionstigersandbearsohmy July 27, 2011

description of something MORE than cool.
man, that show was colgate!
by Jack Durden February 05, 2004

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