A person that steals from his friends, cheats on his girlfriend, lies to everybody, guilt trips and throws a temper tantrum when he doesnt get what he wants, plays girls until he gets what he wants, and will go nowhere with his life.
Drew is a Coleman
by Bogsprogmo November 07, 2011
A lesbian that looks like Ellen DeGeneres, but isn't trying to.
Hey! Is that Ellen DeGeneres?!?! Oh... no, it's just a Coleman.
Coleman <n> To take it up the chuff
Coleman <adj> To be extremely sore around the anal region
by Nuttalicious September 15, 2008
Someone who snaps a turd clean in half, hence making 2 smaller turds.
Damn! Ralph is one good coleman! He makes Titanics into dingys!
by Snakepit Sean WNB May 16, 2007
n) a male that obsesses to a stalkerish extent of a female, usual interested in short cute asians and persists in following them around, txting repeatedly, and failing incredibly at flirting. They should be avoided at all cost and if not possible, suicide IS recommended. You have been warned

v) to act in such a stalker-like manner as described above. Usually results in mental and emotional trama to the recipient. Extremely derogatory term that should be used lightly and only when necessary.
n) Dude! At that party last night there were sooooooooo many colemans! I think they scared off all the hott babes....

v) "My sister locked herself in her room bro"

"What's wrong?"

"Some creep was colemaning her last night....she's

scarred for life!"

"Aw that sucks....looks like i'll never have a chance at

her now..."
by Chemkid June 01, 2009
Your friend who still has his foreskin dangling.
He was about to get head from this broad but then she found out he had a coleman
by ryneldredge@yahoo.com April 16, 2008
Means black person. Black people use to be called coleman because their skin color looks like cole.
Hey man see that nigger over there?
Yeah man hes such a coleman
by asdkjglj; October 04, 2008
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