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A band who's lead singer, acording to the songs they've produced, is roughly 14.8% tone deaf. They write the kind of music that suits the mood of a guy who is dreaming of gumdrops and lollypops, sugar bells and gingerbread men, and floating on a big white cloud.
Coldplay really can get to my emo/suicide mood, too. Great harmonies, though.
by hadrian May 15, 2006
147 196
1. n: A person (in particular a male) that has ver feminine taste in music, also in general has a dejected cynical attitude towards life and society,often seen lack of sports, spend all day daydreaming, self-sympathizing, and finds soft lazy boring music as a cure to insomnia.

2.vi: The act of lacking life, or positive energy in all sorts.

3.vt: The acting of plagerizing music,or artworks, without getting caught and get highly appreciated by stupid low-end indie fashion victims.
1. A:Eww, my dormmate is all about suicidal fancies and soft indie whining music.

B: He's such a coldplay.

2. A: Last night I met this hot chick,and she told me to get it on, but I couldn't.

B: Y?

A: I coldplayed.

B: NO WAY!!!!

3. A: Man this essay assignment is too hard!!!

B: Try coldplaying serveral articles. Every a few lines cut out a segment, and do some regrouping so that it looks new.

A: Hey that works fine !!! Now I got to grab a Grammy too!!!
by No Dumb Talking February 05, 2011
65 124
Gwyneth Paltrow's husband's band.
Gwyneth and her husband, Coldplay's Chris Martin, named their baby daughter Apple.
by Puggle June 03, 2004
143 203
A band that guys pretend to like so that girls think they're sensitive.
She was hot so I told her I liked coldplay even tho they suck.
by I hate everything about me April 28, 2011
64 130
See Radiohead.
"What? That's a Coldplay song?"
by Exit Music July 23, 2008
68 134
The gayest band in the world. All they do is play horrible music and have no musical ability at all. If you like Coldplay, you most likely like your own sex.
You like Coldplay? You must be gay.
by C-Man_to_the_max August 21, 2009
105 181
a wonderful band.
go see a concert its beautiful.
in an awesome way.
look at the stars
look how they shine for you
and all the things that you do
by der der der August 17, 2005
939 1020