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A verb. To coldplay. The act of taking someone else's idea and passing it off as your own.
Man 1: Hey check out this cool hat
Man 2: Yeah thats a pretty sweet item of headgear there


Man 1: Hey whats that on your head?
Man 2: Oh, um, nothing...
Man 1: Dude you totally coldplayed my idea.
by makuus July 09, 2009
Someone who uses various deviously and sly methods in order to get some poontang.
Dude, check out that guy setting up an elaborate situation just to score some gash. What a poon fox.
by Makuus June 09, 2009
The moment of achieving perfect sex.
Wow me and my girlfriend nearly achieved poonvana last night.
by Makuus June 08, 2009

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