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5 definitions by likeyehokwhatev

The correct spelling of the deceased singer/songwriter. Often incorrectly spelled Elliot Smith.
There's two T's in the name Elliott Smith, idiot.
by likeyehokwhatev September 02, 2005
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1. A band that writes easily accessible music that happens to be entirely void of meaningful substance.

2. Adult contemporary emo

3. Shit on a stick
Hi! My name is Chris Martin from the rock and roll band Coldplay. All I want to do is be like Thom Yorke, save the world, and name my kids after fruit!! OMG <333
by likeyehokwhatev May 16, 2007
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The exact moment of realization that you have done something insanely stupid.
I just left my keys in the car with the engine running! Ohshit ohshit ohshit ohshit ohshit!!!
by likeyehokwhatev October 26, 2005
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Last Peace is a band based out of Tacoma, WA. They have been playing together for around three years and have been with their current drummer for one year now. The band takes considerable pride in each song's diversity amongst the rest of their armada of songs. Their genres span a great distance, from influences such as Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Cake, and other great bands of past and present times. There overall sound has been difficult to describe, and therefore has been hard to get exposed, as venues tend to book similar acts together. With a plethora of shows now under their belt, they are making a name for themselves in the community, and have somewhat broken into the Seattle scene, and are trying to get wide exposure in Seattle, Tacoma, and the surrounding areas.

With members in both high school, and college, the band has a wide fan base. Still, most fans are still under 21, so all ages shows are highly favorable. Last Peace has played at a variety of venues including coffee shops, a pizza parlor, bars, and of course, the more common music venues. Overall, Last Peace's sweet riffs, awesome lyrics, and great groove make them a great band to listen to both on CD and on stage;

A freaking awesome band.
Jill: Hey did you go to the Last Peace show last night?

Jack: Uh, I've never heard of that band before.

Jill: What the... what planet are you from???

Jack: ...Earth?
by likeyehokwhatev September 28, 2004
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Something used to smuggle people into high school dances who aren't really supposed to be there for the sole purpose of eating the free food.
Sarah: Hey, let's just stuff John into a refrigerator box so he can go to the dance and eat lots of yummy free food with us!

Lance: Hey, my name rhymes with dance! Wait... refridg-uh-whaaa?
by likeyehokwhatev January 11, 2005
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