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1. A shitty newb Brit band that thinks they're the greatest band in the world, as claimed by Chris Martin.

2. A band that fails to realize they suck, and that they should bow down to the likes of Radiohead, U2, Oasis, and Depeche Mode.

3. Any band capable of producing/performing fucking annoying music, as demonstrated by their song "Clocks" - which redundantly cycles the same scales of notes for the entirety of the track.

4. A band in which any of its members give their children stupid names like "Apple"

5. A band that relies on simple riffs and time signatures, lacking the complexity that bands like Radiohead are capable of writing in the their sleep.
"Haha Greatest band in the world? You guys gotta me shittin' me, you stupid Coldplay!"

"This song must be by a Coldplay because it's driving me fucking insane."

"Hey, that sounds like an easy song to play/write. Is that a Coldplay track?"

"Oh, you named your kid Orange? So you must be part of a Coldplay."

"This can't be the work of Ed O'Brien. It's got the simplicity of a Coldplay."

"Thom Yorke has more skills on the guitar, piano, and vocals than the frontman of this Coldplay."
by Guitar Goddess November 13, 2006
219 176
An awesome band that can give you a break for the all that loud music you love and a great relaxant
I just needed some Coldplay time.
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
3026 1619
Plays alternative rock. Published the albums Parachutes (2000) and A rush of blood to the head (2002). Consists of Chris Martin (vocals, piano, guitar), Jonny Buckland (guitar, harmonics), Guy Berryman (Bass) and Will Champion (drums).
I just want to listen to Coldplay.
by Aleksander December 27, 2003
1606 1114
a band to listen to in the bathtub while your crying and masturbating using your tears as lubricant
She broke up up with me so i listened to coldplay
by bitchplease1111 November 11, 2011
565 203
1) To rip off someone else's intellectual property and claim it as your own, as the pop band Coldplay has done repeatedly.

also common -
2) get/be coldplayed: to be the object or victim of someone else's ripoff scheme.
1) "Dude, that Viva La Vida song is epic"
"Yeah? It'd be a lot more epic if they hadn't coldplayed the entire melody line and chord progression straight from Joe Satriani's 'If I Could Fly'. "
2) "Damn, I love that remake of Kraftwerk's 'Computer Love' don't you?"
"Well, sadly it's actually not Kraftwerk, they just got coldplayed."
by biggster boy May 24, 2010
403 141
A very talented band who make amazing music.
I'm going to listen to 'Parachutes' by Coldplay because they are a very talanted band who make amazing music!
by Graeme Cairns November 25, 2003
1586 1349
Coldplay is another word for crap.
Man, I gotta take a huge Coldplay. dude,I just stepped in a pile of Coldplay. Did you just Coldplay yourself?
by blackpanther666 May 15, 2010
378 140
1. A band that writes easily accessible music that happens to be entirely void of meaningful substance.

2. Adult contemporary emo

3. Shit on a stick
Hi! My name is Chris Martin from the rock and roll band Coldplay. All I want to do is be like Thom Yorke, save the world, and name my kids after fruit!! OMG <333
by likeyehokwhatev May 16, 2007
433 208