An extremely hideous and obese person who goes by the alias of Coil. Now used as slang to describe somebody feeling fat, ugly, or just disgusting.
Man, I just ate an entire pint of ice cream, I feel so coil.
by SPARTAAAA March 09, 2007
Top Definition
Experimental/industrial act formed by John Balance and Peter Christopherson.
Usually quite eerie and/or forboding in sound, with a drugged out, home-erotic vibe.
"Love's Secret Domain" is widely considered to be the best Coil Album
by Dagon January 09, 2005
Money; particularly a large amount of paper money that has been rolled into a cylinder.
bredda 1: ar u on dis ting tho?

bredda 2: dun kno, man hav bare coil rite now truss me.
by imthtguy January 02, 2010
Human stool, too lay rope
by Anonymous February 23, 2003
A penis so large that it in effect - coils.
Macho guy #1: 'Mines 7 inches'
Macho guy #2: 'Mines 9 inches'
Nerd guy: 'I have a coil'
Macho guy #1 and #2: '(gasp)
by omlette January 18, 2006
A coil is another name for Penis.
I slapped that girl in the face with my coil.
by Stickage March 11, 2005
Noun. Human feces. Often used in conjunction with the words "lay a", lay a coil.
That guy really pissed me off, so I laid a big steaming coil on his front lawn.
by tommywheeze May 24, 2005

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