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An extremely hideous and obese person who goes by the alias of Coil. Now used as slang to describe somebody feeling fat, ugly, or just disgusting.
Man, I just ate an entire pint of ice cream, I feel so coil.
by SPARTAAAA March 09, 2007
13 24
Experimental/industrial act formed by John Balance and Peter Christopherson.
Usually quite eerie and/or forboding in sound, with a drugged out, home-erotic vibe.
"Love's Secret Domain" is widely considered to be the best Coil Album
by Dagon January 09, 2005
80 43
Money; particularly a large amount of paper money that has been rolled into a cylinder.
bredda 1: ar u on dis ting tho?

bredda 2: dun kno, man hav bare coil rite now truss me.
by imthtguy January 02, 2010
27 17
Human stool, too lay rope
by anonymous February 23, 2003
30 34
Noun. Human feces. Often used in conjunction with the words "lay a", lay a coil.
That guy really pissed me off, so I laid a big steaming coil on his front lawn.
by tommywheeze May 24, 2005
19 28
to do so many tins of chew with two or more people that the tower of empty tins looks like a huge coil (tins stacked on top of one another)
"bro bro bro, gimme another skoal dinger"
"no way man, we already got a mean coil goin as is"
"hey Pierre, lets go do a coil"
by MREY February 18, 2004
6 18
A mospuito coil with an atached filter. drags become pure pesticides instead of pesticides with added ash, dead mosquitos, or broken ovaries
" C'mon man, lets take another hit of C."
" No man im already burnt out to the max"
by PIERRE February 17, 2004
4 18