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The sound of a gummie worm bouncing off someone's forehead in a tent.
I really coiked ya one. Yeah! Fuck you bitch!
by Beans April 12, 2004
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coik.. a local Shropshire word for someone who is a cock or just very annoying
dunner werrit youd coik(stop being a cock)
by rev gurtu July 16, 2006
1) a transitive verb, only applicable to males, used to describe the act of kicking, hitting, or otherwise causing injury to the groin, specifically the testicles (balls). usually used in the past tense (coiked)

see also knackered

2) a noun describing the unique and unmistakable pain associated with being hit in the testicles, (uncommon)
1) "My little brother was giving me the shits so i coiked him in the balls"
"I slipped on the balance beam and coiked myself"

2) "I can feel the coik coming on"
by Phillip J Brown January 22, 2007
trying to spell "cool" on msn, it can be used in many ways to say stuff.
that thing you said was coik
by Vinny April 24, 2004

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