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Someone or something that owns your face constantly.
"You were just coganed."

"That was cogan calibur."

by Anonymous July 03, 2003
1. Something which relates to the use of extremely intricate and repetitive gestures; mainly, facial expressions.

2. The use of long pauses during speech followed by the use of SAT vocabulary words. To cogan a speech, for example, is to pause many times during that speech and make effort to include substantial vocabulary after such pauses.
"You were so cogan when you clapped your hands together like that on the desk."
Intentionally or unintentionally failing to arrive at a scheduled meeting or rendezvous without prior notice.
Chase was coganed when Robert didn't show up on Saturday to go to the beach as planned.
by Dijon October 04, 2006
Whitest person this side of africa
Cogan - "Do i look good on this black stallion?"
Innocent Bystander - "thats one fucked up zebra"
by afrika bambaata April 25, 2007
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