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a guy who thinks hes cool as shit even thow hes NOT! i guess hes 2 cool 4 'prepsters' as myself!
jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk
by ex-ex-ex-ex girl April 11, 2005
cody peet is a boy with stinky feet and he sits around all day and likes to beat his meat......he likes to make out with fat chicks and finds out they got big dicks....then he runs away and passes out and waits for his penis to become nice and stout hahahah lil chodey peet
hahaha cody peet is the anal king
by cricket April 02, 2005
ah fuck u liz sorry im not into a chick whos savin her self for mariage awh isnt that so cute
im liz an im prude waw hew
by KKK proud member April 19, 2005