Term is used in the fire service as the description of a large incident, i.e. a "messy" incident.
Man, we ran a codknocker today! Two cars hit head on and all the patients were ejected.
by Mike December 30, 2004
Top Definition
One who knocks the cod... Chupes the jueso... smokes the pole... Sucks the !&@*. AKA packs the poo.
Cod is the long phallic fish that was served on Fridays in school for those kids who couldn't eat the pizza. if you knock the cod, you pack the poo...
Sweetness is a serious codknocker.
by What the mutha December 22, 2004
a guy who constantly grabs and adjust his privates
man, that dude at the bar is constantly playing with his junk, he's such a cod knocker.
by redneckpirate September 20, 2009
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