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derived from the name Cody
I'm going to hang out with Codacious.
by Steven March 31, 2005
Awesome or badass person
My best friend is codacious
by codman48 May 26, 2009
extremely large; huge; mammoth.

Ned screamed when she saw a codacious cockroach.
by ALPWeddings May 21, 2007
awkward to the point of angry frustration
Debra was acting so codacious today that I curbstomped her after class.
by J-Shizzle & J-Dizzle October 21, 2010
the word codacious means faggish, gay, quier, and all other words in that category.
The word was derived from a man named Cody. Thus the word codacious
Sara is very codacious.
by Roger November 09, 2004