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derived from the name Cody
I'm going to hang out with Codacious.
by Steven March 31, 2005
10 3
Awesome or badass person
My best friend is codacious
by codman48 May 26, 2009
6 2
extremely large; huge; mammoth.

Ned screamed when she saw a codacious cockroach.
by ALPWeddings May 21, 2007
3 1
awkward to the point of angry frustration
Debra was acting so codacious today that I curbstomped her after class.
by J-Shizzle & J-Dizzle October 21, 2010
1 0
the word codacious means faggish, gay, quier, and all other words in that category.
The word was derived from a man named Cody. Thus the word codacious
Sara is very codacious.
by Roger November 09, 2004
11 13