A Coco is a person who cannot take a hint when being turned down for sex.
Example 1,
Boy: I want have sex with you
Girl: I have a boyfriend
Boy: Lets go to my place
Girl: You are such a Coco

Example 2, (online)
Girl: Whats up?
Boy: *Fucks you hard*
Girl: Can you stop?
Boy: *Keeps sexing*
Girl: Ugh I just got Coco'd
by Kassidy K March 04, 2010
Hipster slang for Colorado Springs, Colorado.
When you comin' back down to the coco?
by KTOH!KT August 17, 2007
two definitions of that in the brazilian language

1: crap shit poop all that kind of gross stuf

2: coconut.
1 : caralho eu fiz um coco enorme ontem !

2 : mano aquela agua de coco me deu vontade de caga
by Caiutis August 13, 2006
a very hyper lil gurl who drivez her self krazy
im goin 2 kick ur ass *talkin 2 herself*
by Nicole August 19, 2004
The urban slang word "Coco" is a homosexual african-american.
That cat's a muthafuckin' Coco, bro!
by deficit March 06, 2004
Vagina, a woman's body part.
Q. Do you wash your coco?
A: No, I don't wash my coco.
by Moniqued May 20, 2008
Courtney Coxs' and David Arquettes' daughters name. Courtney must have been to exausted after giving birth to chose a normal name for baby, so she slapped together the first two letters of her first and last name...Hence the name, Coco. Lets just be thankful that her last name didn't begin with Ck...
Courtney: Aww, you know...little Coco and baby Apple should have a playdate sometime!
Gwyneth: Okay, what a great idea. They should get along wonderfully! They're both going to be teased endlessly for the rest of their lives...so they're sure to have plenty in common!
by JesJesss July 19, 2005

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