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6 definitions by Websters

(1) One who moves with great stealth in the shadows, and attacks without remorse.
(2) A Lurker assasin who makes little or no noise until it is too late.
(3) A cold-blooded killer that gets inside your head and kills you from within.
Before we knew what was going on, the Sneaky Night Muppet was upon us, inside our base, killing us off one by one.
by Websters June 15, 2004
Gay filipino. Sound engineer of the Bob Freeman Show. Big huge lips. See faggot
Big Tone is a faggot with big lips.
by Websters March 02, 2005
Milligan. "T Mizzle" = Tim Milligan. Anybody else who claims to be T Mizzle and doesn't have proof that their first and last name is Tim Milligan should be shot as soon as possible.
T Mizzle fa shizzle, dizzle, representin' B-Vizzle!
by Websters January 17, 2004
(n) A large primate who bangs on calculators with knuckles. They live in symbiosis with the elusive Brown-nosed Poolboy whom you can see usually following the Coco closely. Cocos can be seen leaving the bathroom without washing their hands.
The Coco said "OOOH OH AHHH AHHH!!!"
by Websters December 02, 2003
1. Of or pertaining to weakness.
2. A slang term homeless mexican immigrants in reference to weakness, stupidity and filth.
3. Refuse, the bottom of society or culture.
One javs in this city is too much, I feel dirty just knowing hes around.
by Websters July 20, 2003
A tall, sexy chinese guy who's left eyebrow sometimes disappears; he's still cooler than most people though
Jacky is not a girl, but a guy-- and is known to turn red when he shits
by Websters December 24, 2004