by MR.CHORIZO October 11, 2014
An Indian person who behaves as a white person.
Hairy and brown skin and white man minded.
oh, are you kidding me? Shreva cannot eat spicy curry!!!!

MAAAN he is a coconut!!
by DEgreCHI October 21, 2011
Refers to a growing breed of Latinos who tend to dismiss their latino heritage and follow the Caucasian lifestyle.
All them damn coconuts from up north think we'll vote for their Repuplican asses just because their last name is latin.
by The Mexican March 22, 2005
(n)- A member of late-night comedian/talk host Conan O'Brien's devout nomadic following. At the time of the infamous The Tonight Show fracas, they flocked to Universal Media Studios to protest in O'Brien's favor, sporting signs, slogans, and Coco-inspired hairdos that hilariously did not match their bodies.
No longer on the endangered species list, we fully expect the Coco-nuts to naturally rejoin the ecosystem with O'Brien's impending re-debut in late night.
by Ben Dustman October 31, 2010
When a girls going down on you and you pull out and bust on her grill then crap in your hand and slap her in the mouth! Blahka She Just Been CocoNuted!
I freaked that biotch out when i gave her a Coco Nut!
by John Andrew T Bag March 13, 2010
Indians that are white-washed.
Riki is definately a coconut.
by crispyb September 23, 2005
Usually found in tropical places, unless they migrate or are carried by a sparrow. They can be cut in half and banged together to mimic a horse in case you don't have the budget for a real one.
I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts (do del le do) There they are standing in the road. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head. You give 'em a twist, a flick of the wrist is what the showman said.
by xWolfiex August 19, 2011

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