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Chocolate cereal. yummy.
"Can i have coco pops please?"
by Jas n Sim April 12, 2006
Tiny pieces of shit still floating around in a toilet after the initial shit has been flushed.
Dude, you need to flush again! You left your coco pops in the toilet bowl.
by Bretty Ack March 17, 2008
Surprise or accidental anal penetration during sexual intercourse
Slow down! Or I might get coco popped!
by Ozwaldbolderberg July 01, 2011
a breakfast cereal. said to be just like a chocolate milkshake....only crunchy
damn i'm hungry, pass the coco-pops
by natho August 02, 2003
the name given to somone with a small coco pop looking mole on there face
oh look here comes coco pop
by wee josh August 08, 2008
putting coco pops in a man/womans anus, adding milk, and eating with a spoon.
coco pop (coco popping) is practised alot in the gay community
by chris_123-xx May 04, 2007
It hurts when you wee.
I had awful coco pops this morning, it hurt so much to urinate.
by Monobra January 29, 2009
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