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The term used to describe a girl who fails to recognise just how much of a manipulative/controlling/selfish/etc. bastard she's going out with, due to blind infatuation.
Liz: You must be seriously cockwhipped if you can't see what he's doing to you. How can you let him get away with that shit?!

Sarah: What business is it of yours? How can you sit there and judge me, you don't even know what it's like between us. I love him and I know he loves me; I don't need your fucking approval!

Liz: (under her breath) stupid childish romanticist...
by spazz88 March 23, 2007
4 5
opposite of pussy whipped
Susie swallowed Jim's load when he threatened to dump her. He has her completely cock whipped
by anonymous April 20, 2003
55 9
n. the state of being so in "love" with a guy, that you don't care what he does. the state of being completely senseless about a guy.
girl 1: did you see girl 3 the other day? she's totally cockwhipped!
girl 2: i know, she doesn't give a damn how shitty he treats her.
by dani April 21, 2005
31 14
To be extremely whipped by your significant other.
Dan puts up with tons of crap from Bridget, he is so cock whipped.
by anonymous April 29, 2003
14 35