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the weird feeling of accidentally seeing another mans penis
It felt really cockward when I walked in on Larry while he was changeing and saw him naked
by jewishguy September 18, 2010
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Derived from the word toward, cockward refers to the direction your cock points.
Josh was aroused, but then he saw ugly Sally and he was cockward the ground.
by closetinnapropriatelady October 02, 2013
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''cockward'' is a term used when something with a cock or dick is awkward, it comes from the term ''awkward''.

1. It's most mainly used when people are about to have sex, but then the guy's dick rises or does something weird, so it's ''cockward'', his cock is awkward.

2. When a guy gets a boner, but it goes down and everyone see's. It's ''cockward''
Wow.. well that was cockward.

Ye, he got a boner then it went down and his crush, Charlene saw. It was hella funny but cockward!
by deutschistgenial September 10, 2012
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A statement in front of dudes that either is subject inappropriate (talking about feelings, etc), socially unacceptable (telling your friend you love him when neither of you are drunk), or gives all dudes in the vicinity a momentary pause as they fight through embarassment.
Things got a little cockward at work yesterday when Josh told Jeff about his trip to the manicurist.
by Misterapplegate December 19, 2009
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1. Any awkward situation involving the cock

2. An extremely awkward moment during sex

"Holy fuck, that guy just flashed me!"
"Fucking cockward, dude!"

"Are you always this small?"
"Well, this is cockward..."
by Dix McKensy March 05, 2009
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The feeling awkwardness that can only be generated by hugging a guy friend and feeling their boner against you.
Dude, when I hugged him, the situation became immediately cockward.
by GeicoGecko16 August 01, 2011
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A "cockward" sentence or phrase is identified as being so cocky that it's awkward to the people hearing it, because they don't know how to react.
Joe- I just banged three chicks, and then benched 425, so.. yea."

Will- (To Other Friend) That was cockward"
by TheBreakfastKlub July 25, 2011
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