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When a woman prevents a man from getting some action with her even though she acts like she wants some.
Guy 1: Remember Jessica? Last night she pulled a cockstop on me.
Guy 2: I hate when girls lead you on like that.
by MynoduespseudonyM January 21, 2009
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The time in which a girl/woman consciously doesn't have sexual intercourse with a boy/man.
Sarah was so heartbroken after her boyfriend boke up with her that she had a cockstop for 8 months.

Frank: Hey Susan...
Susan: Piss off Frank, I'm on a cockstop.
by Nightbreed666 April 30, 2009
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1.) When your about to fuck your girlfriend and her best friend fuckin calls her and tells her she broke up with her boyfriend
2.) The part of a chemistry burette used in titration experements that keeps the acid or base flow restricted...
1.) Hell yea baby, lets do it --- not now... carol called and shes having a hard time getting over her ex
2.) make sure the cockstop is turned all the way off so the liquid doesnt escape the burette
by M-Dawggie May 01, 2008
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When another man stops another from having relations with a female.
Man 1 : Get out, I'm trying to poon this chick!

Man 2 : No I don't have to get out of here because you want me to.
by Falkinor May 01, 2005
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