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Someone you would absolutely destroy (cum all over her body) when you are really drunk or have not jerked off for a long time.
(Drunk Bastards)
K- Hey you know who I think is hot?
E- Who WHo Who?
K- Liz
E- Oh...that cock sponge?
K- Yeah I really want a back rub with happy ending.
E- Good Luck sir
K- Here I CUM Liz!...

by Bo Gibson November 05, 2006
10 1

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A stank ass female that seems like a good idea to fuck when ur drunk.
"I'd love to stick my man pole in that little cock sponge at the end of the bar !"
by troy October 21, 2004
15 6
a person who is so much of a bitch, that they actually physically turn into a cock shaped sponge. this sponge man/woman can be used to scrub your genitals in a clockwise motion until ultimate satisfaction. the cocksponge is a very rare species, and usually very dirty as well. they enjoy long walks on the beach, romantic dinners and vigorous genital massaging daily.
Nigel Hamflick elavated his bitch status just enough to transmutate into cocksponge form. he was then condemned to a lifetime of genital cleansing sessions with president bush himself.
by Protest your hero June 12, 2007
9 2
an absorbent, flacid penis.
"Quilted quicker picker uppper, COCK-Sponge
by ramuh3 October 01, 2006
4 0