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one (particularly a homosexual one) who satisfies penice to climax in a very aggressive way.
I never heard of a cockslayer (Sean Monahan) who didn't take manjuice in the face!
An unusually sensual woman highly skilled at all forms of sex, e.g., oral and anal sex. Cock Slayers approach sex as a spiritual ritual and need to ingest semen to balance their spiritual life as well as regulate hormone levels and mood. They are known primarily for their oral sex skills given their need for semen. They are frequently married and/or monogamous given the requirement for unprotected sex to obtain male fluids. These women are identifiable by their hour glass figures (narrow waist, round bottom) but their breasts can be large or small. They are well documented in ancient Hindu and Taoist teachings, art and sculpture.
"Holy Shit that woman is one stone cold Cock Slayer. She sucked my cock until I blew the biggest load of my life. Then she wanted anal. Jesus, my balls are sore."
by MarriedtoMILF May 26, 2014
1) A female who actively seeks out drunk males during "last call" to take home for sexual intercourse that wouldn't happen otherwise if the male were sober.

2) A female that is feared and respected by men for her cunning and willingness to pick up drunk guys and engage them in sexual intercourse.

She is most commonly described to be "fugly" in appearance while the intended victim is in a sober state.

Not to be confused with a common slut or whore
Robert: "Hey guys the taxi is here, is Jesse riding back with us?"

Chris: "Nah dude, some cock slayer took him home."

Robert: "Damn, he'll regret blacking out tonight he wakes up next to her tomorrow."
by LumberJaq February 09, 2010
A term used for one who is unreliable, never on time, and never comes through with anything he or she may say. Always tells lies, sometimes may be annoying, and overall very biased. This can relflect any person that may have screwed you or someone else over.
Lucas: I can't believe she stood me up last night, why would she ever do that?
Casey: Dude I know right what a cockslayer.

Lucas: Of course, Alex says he was going to get us food for free, but as always he didn't come through.
Casey: I know dude he always finds a way to slay our cocks.
by Alleyoopskim9 June 06, 2011
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