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Dried semen that has been crushed up into a fine powdered substance for the purpose of snorting.
No Rebecca, you can not get pregnant with cock-sand.
Do you think my cock-sand will return to it's original state once re-moistened.
Come share a line with me, it's been cut with cock-sand.
by RollerBitches March 03, 2015
An irritating or annoying situation, person or business
"That person is such a cocksand!"
by plebgate September 04, 2014
When you cum and the cum and you don't clean up and it leave behind a crusty dry substance. (Much like sand)
Hey yo Mike, I forgot to clean up your bed after that party. I hope you don't mind sleeping in my cock sand.
by Dandylion Huffer February 07, 2015

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