A scary-ass bug.
You squash one and two more come crawling out of the wall.
by Luka April 21, 2004
hoes, sluts who are intentionaly looking for penis to suck on.

they are always looking for cock to suck on like roaches for food
Hey, im feeling it tonight, u know any horny cockroachies?

Look, there are so many cockroaches in that bar.

How many dirty cockroaches have u slept with?

by pete_sauce July 29, 2007
Girl, I was having sex with this guy last night, and his cockroaches were all OVER the place!
by EmpoBona August 06, 2009
It's a game, a large group of people play in an even larger group. Like a club in a school would play it, amongst the rest of the unknowing students. Basically, if someone comes up to you and whispers cockroach in your ear, you have to get down on your back without hesitation, no matter where you are and wave your arms and legs in the air for five seconds, if you delay at all, or change position you have to do it for 20 seconds.
Guy1:*whispers* cockroach!
Guy2:NO! hell no!
guy2: *forced into doing it for 20seconds*
by Tithenpen January 16, 2009
Evil bug who wear military out fits and carry torches while they're taking over the world. They yell out in squeaky voices: "World domination!"
"Vorld Domination"- A cockroach I met dying on the street (I think he was German)
by Gp06 February 12, 2004
A negative word for a bisexual
From a bigot: "I don't want to be sleeping with a cockroach, I don't know what she's carrying!"
by DaSolution July 12, 2011
cockroaches : the worst STD that a girl can ever have.
kimbo: yo that bitch is hot.
terrence: nah bro yu dont even wanan fuck wit that.
kimbo: why?
terrence: yo. bro. i hear she got cockroaches.
by Rloger April 16, 2010
When you take a hit and then blow it through a pipe into your friends mouth. its good if your low on weed.
You want to Cockroach wit me cuz were low on dah green dawg.
by Eddie (the real one) October 15, 2004

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