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Acting like a complete n0b, making many typoos and using a shitload of emoticons. Created by Asslixispanitesonfire and Jack one horny evening.
it jsut dusn LOL!!!!!!!1111! :) :-D :-*


R U DERE!!!!/? 8-) :-\

by 5* August 21, 2004

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The act of texting or calling someone on your cell phone using your erect penis to dial the numbers and/or letters.
Why does that dude look like he's fucking his phone over there?

No, he's just cock-ringing his girlfriend to see if she wants to come over.
by chakazullo July 12, 2011
when a chick takes ya cocok in two hands and wrings out the last drop of fat
last night i pulled a ho that was tops at cockringing she darined me dry
by lolipop June 17, 2006