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Refers to the collection of women a man has had sex with, i.e has 'conquered' with his cock. The term does imply a sense of pride and achievement from the male's point of view, similar in many ways to a military conquest, hence the term.
A: This guy is so annoying, he never stops talking about his cockquests.
B: Hey dude, I think we've heard enough about your cockquest list.
C: OK, I'll shut up, but first you have to tell me how long your cockquest lists are...
A & B: F*"K O#F!
C: I think I'll just right a book about my cockquests...
by georgeloy September 09, 2010
The amount of men a girl has slept with.
girl 1: If you had to say, what is the total of your cockquest?
Girl 2: about 5 or 6
by missym December 14, 2014
The number of cocks conquered by a woman
Friend : Hows your cockquest going?

Girl : 16..
by Starship December 01, 2013
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