A person who has a cock for a nose, usually a small red puppet wiv a funny voice.

Or an insult.
"Hey Cocknose", "Hey avid", "so if you have a cock for your nose does that mean you have a nose for your cock"
by Mark Hasney September 23, 2004
you call someone a cock nose when you are losing an argument. or just in general when someone says something stupid.
person 1 - 'you are really shit at this game'

you - 'cock nose'
by sunish c September 19, 2004
your boss
What a shitty day at work, my boss was such a cocknose
by camel toe February 21, 2003
Someone who is a genetic mutant and thus has no penis in the genital area where the legs meet, but actually has a penis for a nose. Smelling can prove rather difficult, because there are no olfactory nerves in a regular penis. Also if you sneeze then you have lots of Kleenexing to do.
You are a stupid cocknose. Plus it's only like 4 inches.
by cocknose October 24, 2002
A man with a nose of phallaceutical proportions and/or one who is acting in an unreasonable or mean-spirited manner.
"That guy over there is a thoroughbred cocknose."
"Will you stop being such a cocknose and give me back my bag?"
by Tawnysowz September 09, 2009
A mythical superhero who slays countless enemies in the pursuit of inter-galactic peace. Most notable in Final Fantasy X.
"Cocknose surprised the golden ogre in the frozen tundra"
by Joshlips May 03, 2007
One whose nose is as big as an erect penis!
Lauren is a cocknose!
by daiseyface January 11, 2007

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