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one with a the male reproductive organ (Penis) for a nose
Alf is a cocknose puppet.
by Pervis McNasty February 03, 2005
Origantes from the african island of cockshnittzle and means some who has a nose in the shape of a cock
omg, that guys nose is shaped like a cock
by Tim Boulter February 01, 2005
Someone whome has a cock for a nose, therefore u laugh and point
scott walker aka walkertits has a cock nose ha ha ha
by leewee January 25, 2005
Someone with a cock for a nose
"hey cock nose! you have a cock where your nose should be, that's why they call you cock nose! (it's a visual thing)"
by Cock nose January 05, 2005
Origins: Avid Merion's "Bo Selecta" TV Programme.

Definition: Someone who has a cock for a nose, esp. brown-nose cocks at work.
You, my friend, are a f**king CockNose.
by Mr Joshua October 23, 2004
A person who has a cock for a nose, usually a small red puppet wiv a funny voice.

Or an insult.
"Hey Cocknose", "Hey avid", "so if you have a cock for your nose does that mean you have a nose for your cock"
by Mark Hasney September 23, 2004
you call someone a cock nose when you are losing an argument. or just in general when someone says something stupid.
person 1 - 'you are really shit at this game'

you - 'cock nose'
by sunish c September 19, 2004