Top Definition
the worst kind of fucker
You fucking cockfucker, I hate you.
by infiniti August 15, 2003
A person who fucks cocks
"hey Sam you're a cockfucker, i hope you die a horrible death"
by kidkoolio July 13, 2008
a person whose penis is so small they can fuck another penis
youre a stupid cock fucker
by bill March 20, 2005
is a person that fucks cocks for living
that john guy is a total cock fucker
by loachjohn June 08, 2009
one who fucks cocks, or pisses off a drunk person
Pass me a beer, Cock Fucker!
by S3RMadRat January 22, 2008
(noun)One who's cock is so small, he resorts to fucking other men in their cocks.
(Peter)Posthump, did you crash whitestar again?
(Peter)You are a cockfucker!
(Posthump)Holla back.
by GuZzLeR May 11, 2003
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