Scanky underclassmen that go lurking for cock at college parties.
Looks like we should score tonight with all these cockfosters running around here.
by CSells March 19, 2004
Top Definition
Some one who fosters the cock on a regular basis.
a homosexual.
"when walking in to find one of your friends has just screwed three males consecutively in one night"
by TamEms February 09, 2007
1. A termination point for the Picadilly Line tube in London.

2. A nutritious, if somewhat salty beverage designed to create excitement in the ladies. However, whilst Fosters is lager, Cockfosters is bitter!
Drink my Cockfosters!
by Ian Chode July 23, 2003
Cockfosters is a suburb of North London, lying partly in the London Borough of Enfield and partly in the London Borough of Barnet. The counties of Hertfordshire and Middlesex respectively (in which Cockfosters was located pre-1965) are still used in postal addresses.
The name has been recorded as far back as 1524, and is thought to be either the name of a family, or that of a house which stood on Enfield Chase. One suggestion is that it was "the residence of the cock forester (or chief forester)
The subject of many jokes of Londoners & Tourists

It is the last station on the Northern End of the Piccadilly Line
London Tourist to local friend, 'What is Cockfosters'
Friend "Possibly where they foster cocks"
by TheFlyingKidney July 06, 2011
Cockfoster,(cock-fos-ter), verb, a name given to someone being an absolute cock. To be said in a posh english accent.

Actual meaning, noun, a tube station at the end of the blue line in the centre of London, England.
To someone being a cock: "You Sir are a Cockfoster! Meh!"
by Blondebubbles March 22, 2004
1.A train station in london

2.A drink

3.The act of stealing young badgers from their set, bringing them home and raising them as your own.
Lets take the train to cockfosters, call in at the pub for a quick cockfosters and then, when we're cockfostered off our faces, lets cockfoster off to sherwood forrest where we can cockfoster some badgers and cockfoster to the fostercock so we can cockfoster our cockfosters..... Cockfosters.
by monkT1000 June 25, 2006
A person of unscrupulous nature without regard to what is right or honorable. Someone with disingenuous intentions.
Dick Chaney is a definite cockfoster.
by sam necochea February 17, 2006
A person of unscrupulous nature without regard to what is right or honorable. Someone with disingenuous intentions.
many corrupt politicians are cockfosters.
by sam necochea February 17, 2006
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