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Cockfoster,(cock-fos-ter), verb, a name given to someone being an absolute cock. To be said in a posh english accent.

Actual meaning, noun, a tube station at the end of the blue line in the centre of London, England.
To someone being a cock: "You Sir are a Cockfoster! Meh!"
by Blondebubbles March 22, 2004
milver (mil-ver), noun, the name for that triangular table number that can be found placed on a table whilst out for breakfast / lunch / dinner.
Diner 1: Whats our table number?
Diner 2: 16.. say so on the milver!
Diner 1: Ah yeah! Didnt see the milver there! My bad!
by Blondebubbles March 22, 2004

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