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another word for cum
dude, i totally got cockfetti on the chicks back last night.
by logan and zach May 05, 2008
Pieces of tissue paper, that remain stuck to the penis after ejaculating into the tisssue and being tardy in removing it.
"Dude, I fell asleep with a tissue on my prick and woke up with cockfetti".
by kjbkjbjkbn February 10, 2011
The result of drawing a big dick on a sheet of paper, tearing in to small pieces and then throwing it this way and that; like normal confetti, except with a dick drawing
Person 1: Look! That kid's throwing confetti everywhere. It's like Christmas!
Person 2: Uh, don't get too excited dude, that's cockfetti. That paper was once a dick sketch.
Person 1: Wow, that's let down.
Person 2:...yea, bummer
by kynit September 24, 2008
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