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A seemingly straight (heterosexual) male that has an above average interest in the male reproductive organs (and penises in general). Even though a cockfaggot does not want to have sex with men, he loves looking at penises any chance he gets.
Person A: Have you seen the type of porn he's into?

Person B: Yeah, weird shit like Monster of Cock, Insane Cock Brothas and Mr. Biggz!

Person C: What a cockfaggot!
by lazy_mofo July 31, 2008
(n.) An overly happy and annoying camp man who is extremely intimidated by one who asserts his penis is large by kicking the crap out of him or even just shouting him down.
you fucking cockfaggot, butt licka.
by Gumba Gumba May 26, 2004
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