when you take a pair of sunglasses and set them on your penis while you are naked. Thus making a face with your penis as the nose, ballsack as the chin, the pubes as the hair, and the sunglasses as the eyes. The hair style of the face can vary depending on the length of your pubic hairs. It looks very funny.
"hey look my cock face has a beard!"
by Tyler C. October 28, 2007
Top Definition
Referring to someone who's been a real asshole to you.
My grade 11 math teacher was a real cockface!
by Warden March 23, 2006
Somebody who is acting like a complete shithead.
John kicked a puppy; hence, he is a cock face.
by Sean Scogs February 13, 2004
a person being an idiot, jerk, cock, asshole, or being plain stupid.

shortened term - also see being a cock.
"fuck dude your being such a cock face right now"

"dont be such a cock face!"
by raaafael September 06, 2007
One who has a cock for a face
He has an ugly cock face
by bluntman and chronic cam June 19, 2006
Someone who's face sprouts a phallice.
The legendary Cockface roams the countryside.
by Carol Furlato October 16, 2003
when a person looks like they have a cock built into their face
hey man, that kid chris gallo has a cock face.
by glennman January 09, 2008

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