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When a male (obviously) is hit in his genital region and drops to the floor.
"Dude, stop being an ass or I'll have to cock drop you"
by Dave1892 April 11, 2006
114 25
To cockdrop (cockdropping): to whip ones genitals out and wrestle your
oponent to the ground.
"if you do not be quiet, I will cock drop you"
by Sway December 28, 2004
43 17
This is an act of malicious violence which the Japanese first invented and called " oo-cockeh-dropeh-wah! "
The act consisted of men whipping there genitals out, taking a running jump to their oponent, aiming there penis's at there faces and plummetting them to the ground. Slowly stabbing them with their cocks, leaving the enemy in sheer terror and pain.
Whilst going into battle

by Sway & Simmo December 07, 2004
43 29
When 2 or more opponents engage in a contest on who has the most superior penis. Usually by length size, but girth also places a crucial roll in some situations . Penis must be in flaccid state. All opponents who are called out will and must accept challenge or the assumption that that person has a small penis will be given.
Jeff- "Alright you guys I know I have the biggest penis in this room lets Cock Drop."
by Jbar542 September 20, 2007
46 41
Typically found in sexual, rather X-Rated stores, visited by adults for their "play-toy" desires, would be the home of Cock Drops (a satirical product, with fictional medical ingredients of course). Each hard candy would be shaped as a phallic symbol in various colors, to fit everyone's desires, not to mention all in the same "package."
Hey Todd, let's get some of those "Cock Drops" to soothe my throat after last night.
by Giggity_Goo (pat.f.) December 21, 2010
2 2
When one draws a dick, most often on a sticky note, and inconspicuoulsly places it where someone else will find it. The best cockdroppers will draw both shaft and balls, and drop on the most unexpecting people. Cockdrop may also be used as an insult to assholes.
" I was going to put some money in the offering at church, but instead I decided to cockdrop their asses!"

" hey fag, lick my ballsack from crack to sack and back you dirty cockdrop"
by buttchin May 22, 2010
2 4
Having a cock in your throat.
Andrew is so gay, he's always wanting a cockdrop.
by caseyroo May 15, 2009
3 7