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1- A girl with a nice booty
2- A song from 'A Tribe Called Quest
Bonita Applebum I said you gotta put me on.
by Sway June 08, 2004
To cockdrop (cockdropping): to whip ones genitals out and wrestle your
oponent to the ground.
"if you do not be quiet, I will cock drop you"
by Sway December 28, 2004
gang related phrase used by tha bloods
"whats poppin b", what poppin, that 5 "
by sway April 21, 2005
Tamil word for ass.
<i>Onodu cundi perisha eriku</i>. (your ass is big)
by Sway March 29, 2005
something to be fucked by Ganj4 on a weekly basis when he isn't getting any <3
Ganj4 Mmmmmmmmm, I'm gonna dip my meat in the cats ass
by Sway March 26, 2004
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