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when a women puts an erect penis into a hotdog bun that she has filled with ketchup and mustard, and giving the man a blowjob while eating the bun and conduments from around his aroused penis.
i got a cockdog last nite, it was sweet.
by brenden alley November 07, 2005
A person who always has to bring you down when you are happy about something

A person who always says "for sure" when you make plans then squiggles out at the last minute
Me: This apple pie my mom made sure is delicious

Dude: I hope you are still saying that about apple pie after your mom dies.

Me: Thanks Cock-Dog.
by Charlie505 April 13, 2010
A stupid person who is full of themselves;Show-off, Insult
Man that Captian of the Football team is such a Cock Dog. or Ryan Seacrest is a salty Cock Dog
by Matthew LaBonte May 29, 2006
The act of placing your cock in a hot dog bun putting some catchup or mustard on it and trying to serve it to a woman.
Dude1: Oh man dude I tried the cock dog trick at a party last night it totally worked.

Dude2:Oh really awesome, what happened?

Dude1:I got my ass beat by her boyfriend.
by Ironblood30 August 26, 2009
A penis that is most likely to enter a females mouth by her choice. Usually the African-American penis: in rare cases a Caucasian penis(depending on it's size.)
Man she swallowed my cock dog hole, in one sitting!
by stinkmeanor March 19, 2008