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A person who whines excessively about a common, everyday occurrence that the vast majority of people have no trouble handling or do not even recognize as a problem.
John is such a cockbib; he can't enjoy oral sex because he's too worried about getting spit in his buttcrack.
by Jello42 May 22, 2009
(n.) Someone who complains about something everyone else is experiencing at that moment in time. This person usually has an attention disorder.
Person 1: "fuuck this line is so long.. i'll never get to see avatar in 3D"
Person 2: "stfu cock bib"
by Jonemode December 28, 2009
A cloth or plastic sheath that has a hole, and when the penis is placed through it, protects the groinal vicinity from unwanted skin-to-skin contact during intercourse.
Sometimes when engaging in coitus with a female from origins unkown, it is prudent to wear a cockbib to protect the inner genitals and vicinity from unwanted torso contact from the aformentioned female.

Example: Man, I was at this Bulgarian brothel, and they had a wide array of condoms and cockbibs to use. I was so releived!
by ranky TO November 28, 2011
In order to avoid risk of an STD or transmission of bodily fluids , or if the woman is just plain nasty, a BIB can be manufactered using a plastic grocery bag(Loblaws preferred). A hole is cut in the center of the bag and the penis goes throught the hole. A condom is then applied to the penis creating shield to protect the male from getting any "nasty" on himself.
" Dude that chick was so stank i had to cock-bib her "
" Word "
by Jeff and Aaron combined effort December 15, 2008
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