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a very hard sexual position that usually requires some type of gymnastics skills
Yea I'd like to reverse piledrive her, but I haven't figured out the right moves yet - Yea dude, it's a real cockbender
by Jesus3 October 04, 2007
1. A man with a tight ass, usually working in an office environment. 2. An anal virgin. 3. One who bends cocks with his/her orifices or extremities.
Man, that Seth guy in sales is such a fucking cockbender.
by Virusite October 17, 2003
one who bends the erected cock
jesus, logans mom is a real cockbender. I cant walk straight and neither can my erection
by Brandon John November 26, 2006
A male or female, who for some reason cannot get enough cock and will go to extremes to get as much as possible in an undetermined amount of time.
Vinnie said, it's like Dorothy has been on a cockbender for the last five years.
by MistressDonnaoftheDark May 28, 2012
One who painfully bends cock
That prostitute was a real cockbender
by Anthony Molina July 24, 2008

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