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A catapult fashioned from an erect penis. Often used for launching cashews into your mouth because it contours nicely. (A "craze" started by Dane Cook).
I was walking around my kitchen with a stubborn erection and I spotted a jar of cashews. Well I placed one on the tip of my dong and cockapulted it up into my mouth.
by Megalomaniac October 14, 2005
The act of flinging shit off the penis. The user squats, legs together, with berries out front and erect penis between the legs. The user then defecates on the erect penis, opens his legs and flings the anal butter across the room.
In 2007, Jim set the Cock-A-Pult world record by launching a 14oz corn loaf 20 meters.
by Jamco6000 July 29, 2013
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