When a person hasn't talked for a while, so their voice sounds like they need to clear their throat.
Adam has cobwebs because he plays counter-strike 24/7 instead of talking.
by desert fox December 04, 2005
Top Definition
A state of being to describe a vulva that hasn't seen any cock action for many years.
She has cobwebs in her coochie.
by Marjor E December 04, 2006
The hanging, draping, or stringing of cum on a girl's (or guy's if that is how you role) eye brow to their cheek.

Other acceptable placements.

Chin to neck, shoulder, or chest.
Eye brow to to nose or eyelash.
Nose to lip, cheek, or chin.
Girl: "Oh no, its dripping onto my chest!"
Guy: "Let it go babe. You just got a cobweb".
Girl: "I've been cobwebbed!"
by SFB aka the hardcourt killa December 05, 2011
A WWW site that never changes.
Hey man, Urbandictionary.com is sooo not a cobweb!
by Mudit January 31, 2005
When a guy's pre-ejaculate comes out of his penis and sticks to his chest/thigh resembling a cobweb.
James got so excited when he was making out with his girlfriend that he had so many cobwebs in his trousers.
by Sold For Parts July 31, 2011
to skeet on a womans ass cheeks and spread them creating strings connecting the cheeks
she had cob webs everywhere
by Cr4sh March 04, 2009
The Cobweb is the result of a girl being caught by surprise by a man's sudden and unexpected ejaculation landing on the other's face, after either hand stimulation or pulling off early during a blow job.
While Jane was playing with Tommy's stick, she didn't realize she was walking in to a cob web as Tommy was giving no hint as to how close he was to coming...SPLAT! Jane had just received her first cob web.
by Jabba Tobe March 23, 2004
during intercourse, after a male ejactulates into his hand, he slaps the female in the face, and tells them that you're through, and that he is breaking up with her.
"he gave me the cobweb, instead of just telling me that we're through"
by george 117 January 07, 2008

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