a space around your crotchal region (genitals) about 1 foot in radius that is akward to invade or have invaded. a combination between the words cock and bubble, pertaining to the vicinity based perameters of the cobble, and males in particuar, but also women.
When you are chillin with friends and someone looks behind them or moves and suddenly realizes they are in in your cobble (about a foot away from your package), and freak out and everyone laughs about the akwardness.
by honeybeedan February 24, 2011
To gobble a cock: hence, 'co-bble'.

To rambunctiously and messily eat a penis.
I did NOT let her cobble my dick.. She was pretty gross.
by Auzy-- May 11, 2011
Derived from the Counter Strike map "cs_cobble", to cobble is to create a highpitched turkey-like sound with your tongue and mouth that sounds like: "cobble-obble-obble...".
Aww cobble is the best map! lets play cobble! cobble! cobbleobbleobbleobbleobble!
by Pügsly September 29, 2003

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